Oxygen Therapy for Pets at Urgent Pet Care in Olympia, WA

At Capital Pet Urgent Care in Olympia, WA, we understand that pets may require emergency treatment that involves oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy is a crucial part of emergency care for pets suffering from respiratory distress, shock, or other life-threatening conditions. Our veterinary team is highly trained to administer oxygen therapy and monitor its effectiveness to provide the necessary support for your pet's respiratory system. We offer state-of-the-art equipment to deliver oxygen to your pet and ensure that they are comfortable during the treatment. If you suspect that your pet is experiencing breathing difficulties or other respiratory problems, do not hesitate to bring them to Capital Pet Urgent Care in Olympia, WA for immediate attention and oxygen therapy.

Please note that while we can provide oxygen during the day, we cannot provide overnight oxygen support. If you suspect your pet could benefit from oxygen, consider being seen at a 24 hour facility or be prepared that we may need to transfer your pet to that facility after we perform our exam and discuss our findings.

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