Swift Relief and Expert Care: Cystotomy at Capital Pet Urgent Care

At Capital Pet Urgent Care, we recognize that unforeseen health issues can arise at any moment for your beloved pets, necessitating immediate attention. Our veterinary clinic specializes in providing urgent care services, including the critical procedure known as cystotomy. A cystotomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of bladder stones or addressing other urinary conditions that may cause distress or discomfort to your pet. Our team of highly skilled veterinarians is dedicated to delivering swift relief and expert care to your furry companions when time is of the essence. With our commitment to urgent care, we welcome walk-ins without the need for prior appointments. Rest assured, at Capital Pet Urgent Care, we are well-equipped to handle cystotomy procedures promptly, ensuring that your pet receives the necessary treatment without delay. When it comes to urgent veterinary care, you can rely on Capital Pet Urgent Care to provide compassionate and immediate support for your pet's well-being.

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